Work for Apoio

We are constantly looking for new staff. Please contact our office and we will schedule an interview. If the interview is sucesfull, our training specialist will contact you to arrange next meeting.

  • Please bring your Id or passport
  • Current Schufa
  • German bank account number
  • Your personal tax number*

*If you do not have one of above, ask our manager to explain you how to acquire it. These are standard employement requirements, that you need to get any work in Germany.

Why working for Apoio?

Apoio is more than just a job. Here you will find a friendly community of people from all over the world. We have interesting events and also educational programms. You can not only participate in them but also contribute.

We offer

  • flexible working hours, for each week you set up on our online platform your availability schedule. This means you can work for us and still study, have hobbies, side projects and as much holidays as you want,
  • german classes,
  • community events,
  • friendly atmosphere,

Contact us

Phone: 030 767 50

Please leave your telephone number and email we will call you back