we learn
Our cleaners develop themselves personally within our ecosystem. We connect them with courses, mentors and facilitators and help them to reach their individual goals
we clean
We bring 5-star hotel standard cleaning for holiday apartments, private homes offering check ins and check outs in a professional, honest and friendly way.
we care
We build employee and customer owned co-operatives and collaborate with local coworking spaces and shops and professionals
we cooperate
We aim to be 100% eco-friendly, open source, transparent in finances
we are
A clean ecosystem of people who thrive together for a cleaner, more self organized and decentralized world.
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Your cleaners

Fully Background Checked

Cleaners are fully vetted for your safety and to ensure they are suitable candidates to represent Apoio.

Individually trained

Cleaners are trained to the highest standards, taught the best techniques for tricky areas to clean and understand the value of taking pride in their work.

Always available

If your team of choice can't make it for whatever reason, a backup is always ready and waiting.

Fully insured

Our cleaners are covered by a €3 million public liability insurance policy protecting you and them against any injury or accidental property damage that occur while they are in your home.

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Our service

High quality cleaning for reasonable price

Our cleaners undergo constant training to ensure they will leave your home spotless

Great customer service

We are there for you. Not happy with a cleaning? Let us know and we'll send another team to fix any issues

Review cleanings for service bonuses

Get freebies for rating 5 or more cleanings

RE-Schedule online

With our recurring booking system you never have to schedule another cleaning again. You can also easily cancel or move cleanings at no service cost


  • Wipe all surfaces clean with eco-friendly products

    We leave every surface spotless and chemical free

  • Leave the sink and stove sparkling

    Your kitchen will feel brand new

  • Clean and ordered fridge

    We won't throw anything edible out


  • Sparkling surfaces inside and out

    We get into every little crack in your bathroom

  • Remove limescale

    We have tailored techniques to rid your bathroom of all limescale

  • Hair free

    We remove all hair. No more expensive to fix clogged drains


  • Dust free

    Healthy sleep is dependant on a clean and fresh environment

  • Ordered shelves and belongings

    We only arrange what is visible. No digging through personal belongings.

  • Fresh bedding and towels

    Leave fresh bedding out for us or use or laundry rental service for the best results



What to expect from Apoio Cleaning Service:

Once you book a cleaning a team of two fully trained, assessed and qualified Apoio cleaners will arrive at your home at the requested time. Your Apoio team will clean your home to the consistently high standards they have been trained to, leaving it delightfully fresh and clean. Please use the field provided to notify us of any special requests and leave out any special products you would like us to use.

How does payment work?

Payment is processed automatically and securely online on the day of the cleaning. Cleaners tips are included in the payment.

What are the details of the insurance you provide?

Our cleaners are insured for €3 million public liability insurance and another €3000 for key replacement so you can have peace of mind about your home and belongings.

Do I have to provide any equipment or materials?

We provide everything including all materials, products and equipment. If you have a product that you would like us to use specifically please let us know and we will be happy to oblige.

Are your products safe?

We are committed to using only the best products for cleaning your home. We understand the importance of using safe and healthy products and have carefully selected our products to reflect this. See a list of the products we use….

Where can I leave feedback for my cleaning?

You can rate your cleaning here. Cleaners get paid a bonus for every 5 star rating they receive so please don’t hold back if they did a smashing job and made your home a happy one! If you think we could have done better we will send another team to fix any issues you have identified, free of charge. What's more? We have freebies available every 5th cleaning you rate so get rating!

What if I am not home during the cleaning?

Many of our clients like to have their home cleaned while they are out. This is no problem. Please provide details on where to pickup the keys (generally people leave them in a local shop or café) in the field provided when you are booking.

How can I cancel or reschedule a cleaning?

You can do this easily from your user dashboard. Cancelling or rescheduling is free of charge if done at least 24 hours before the cleaning is scheduled. Unfortunately we will be obliged to charge the full amount if the change comes within 24 hours of the scheduled cleaning time.

What cities does Apoio offer services in?

We launched in Berlin in 2011. We will be expanding to new locations constantly but for now we are still only offering our service in Berlin.

Does the cleaning I booked include my living room and kitchen?

Absolutely. Apoio is only interested in making sure you are happy so we will clean your whole apartment until it sparkles.

Does the cleaning include service rooms such as a second living room or study?

Please treat service rooms as bedrooms when booking to ensure that they will get cleaned. Included in the price of your cleaning is one kitchen and one living room only.

Do you wash, iron and dry laundry?

At the moment we do not wash bedding or clothes however we do have an hotel standard laundry rental service. Click here to see what is included.

Are outdoor areas included in the cleaning?

Currently outdoor areas are not included in our service. Is this important to you? Click here to let us know.

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and a normal cleaning?

Sometimes you need more than a standard cleaning. During a deep cleaning we will remove all items from your shelves etc to wipe them down and also move heavy furniture in order to remove all dust. We also clean all the windows, walls, doors, behind and under the oven and sink (where accessable) etc. Your home will be as close to new as possible once we are finished.

How can I book a deep cleaning?

In order to book this service please get in touch with us at info@apoio.co. Deep cleanings are charged for on a per hour basis and invoiced for after the cleaning has been finished to your satisfaction.

What other services do Apoio offer?

  • Office cleaning.
  • Holiday apartment cleaning.
  • Holiday apartment check-in.
  • Holiday apartment hosting.

Please contact us at service@apoio.co with details of your needs and one of our account managers will be in touch with more information on how we can help your business.

What is Apoio’s refund policy?

In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your cleaning please let us know within 24 hours (using our rating system) so we can send another team to remedy the situation. No refunds are available at this time.

What happens if a cleaner breaks something in my home?

Apoio cleaners are trained to take the utmost care with your possession but accidents can still happen. In the rare occurrence one of our cleaners breaks something we will reimburse you fully for the amount if costs to replace the broken item. Apoio cleaners will take a photo of anything they may break and inform the Apoio head office immediately. We will then contact you to arrange details.


Contact us

Phone: +49 176 8458 6813
Email: info@apoio.co

Please leave your telephone number and email we will call you back

About Apoio

Apoio Household Services Pedro Jardim
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Apoio Household Services Mateusz Gwozdz
CTO/Product Manager

Apoio Apartment Services was founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany (originally as CleaningBNB). Initially Apoio focused on delivering professional cleaning, checkin and checkout services to hosts using Peer2Peer apartment platforms such as Airbnb and Wimdu along with specialist holiday apartment management companies our 'Clean Team' at Apoio are always happy to help.

Recently Apoio has expand it's offering to the private household market. Our wealth of experience in delivering 5 star standard cleaning for serviced apartments puts us in good stead to deliver the same experience to you.

We continue to offer B2B services. Do you have a holiday apartment rental company? Come check out our business oriented website or get in touch to learn how we can help you.

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